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  • They say there aim is quite simple to make beautiful and charming wedding videos and they say they have worked out a completely original way this can be done as with every good idea it is actually very simple. You see the problem is this. You either get a pro video shot which looks great. but ends up being short on original content and lacking personality. In short. They can all look the same and can be very expensive Or you shoot it yourself. Which is great but can be risky and may end up looking a bit amateurish . So there idea is this.Why not Combine the two and get the best of both worlds. They will send you out two camcorders two days before the wedding, giving you and your friend, plenty of time to shoot all the cool stuff . The priceless footage that could only be filmed by someone that is part of your group.Adding that authentic charm to your video then on the day they arrive with there pro cameraman and equipment and take control of your two filmers giving them clear direction and supervision. Then they shoot all the important formal stuff using all three cameras.the pro camereaman as the main camera and your two as the secondary cameras . This is clever because . Video companyís charge you a fortune to use more than one camera even though it is essential for comprehensive coverage let alone three. So you get the high end look at a fraction of the price. This means you get, the mad off the wall, charming funny and very personal video that you and your friend have shot combined with a very high end beautiful and carefully shot formal video. Using all three cameras, So you end up with something that looks amazing is heartfelt and has all the important momentís covered from three different angles. They believe that is the best and in fact the only way to shoot a great your wedding video. Combing the charm of the self shot video, with the expertise of the professional videographer.
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