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Spirited Solution

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  • I use my natural psychic abilities to give you an accurate and empowering reading, I then connect with your own personal guardian angel and use my angel cards to bring added depth and extra insight into your reading. All readings are sent to you in writing via email, this is so that you can look back at it and draw upon its advice whenever you like. We all have our own guardian angel, often more than one, they are with us from the day we are a born, you can ask them to help you when ever you want and they will in ways you could never have guessed, you are never alone.An Angel card reading is like tarot but instead of fortune telling your angels give you a insightful message and helpful advice. They can bring your attention to things you may not be aware of, as well as give you an idea of what the future may hold. A reading also makes for a lovely gift and I can send you a beautiful printed version as well as an email copy upon your request. CategoryClairvoyants and Horoscope
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