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The one stop psychotherapy shop Ltd

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  • The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop is quite a mouthful and, being ever practical people, we refer to it affectionately as “TOSPS”. You are welcome to do so too! With TOSPS, we believe that we’ve consigned the traditional way therapy and counselling has been accessed by people over the centuries. We’ve torn up the rule book and set about creating a business that would give therapists, counsellors and clients a website, allowing them to give therapy, receive therapy and counselling face to face online - in a way that is reflective of, and compatible with modern day technology and lifestyles. How have we done this? Using the latest platforms like iPhones, smart phones, PC's, tablets and iPads, our team of ingenious web designers have helped us create a model that would bring our dream to life. In early 2014, we set about building a website that would allow a world-wide network of therapists and counsellors registered with TOSPS to use modern day technologies to deliver therapy sessions to clients; effectively real-time, face to face therapy at any convenient time and location. We wanted people to be able to receive their therapy session in the car, tent, office, house, boat, train, the quietness of a garden shed, the privacy of their bedroom, through lunch breaks, at any time day or night 24 hours a day 365 days a year across the globe – you get the picture! Our aim is to make therapy infinitely accessible to people who can’t fit sessions into the traditional 9-5. The accessibility which modern technology gives us allows people to use a host of services at any time and any place so why not therapy and counselling? Clients should no longer be constrained by their location or the amount of free time at their disposal and our service recognises this. Getting help should be as simple and easy as dialling a pizza and our easy to use system allows this. Therapists and counsellors can now provide people with face to face therapy via our own online monitor, in real time. All our registered therapists can display our unique “ON- LINE” light which shows that they are available now to help and also displays their photograph, details and fee structure in one glance from our home page gallery. TOSPS is essentially a workshop full of therapists from around the globe, who are available to talk to you via an online system through a web cam. You have complete control in deciding who you want to talk to, when and how often you want to talk and, crucially, how much you want to spend. We understand different people have different needs. Some people, especially those new to therapy and counselling, may wish to approach things slowly and methodically, whereas others want to talk to a therapist there and then with no fuss and in complete confidence. TOSPS provides clients with both options, both with no fuss and in complete confidence. You can select a ‘crisis’ route for emergency interventions i.e. when you need to talk to someone immediately, or use the ‘browsing’ facility found in our options gallery for a more leisurely search to find a therapist that you feel will best suit your needs and circumstances. Accessibility is instant; therapists from your country and speaking your own language can help you immediately, no matter where you are in the world. With no geographical or physical boundaries, you can select a therapist in any part of the world from the comfort and privacy of your own home or wherever else you might be to access the help you need right there and then. As you move through the web site, you will meet some of the animated characters we use in our training videos designed to assist our visitors and therapists. They are Jack TOSPS, a wannabe film star who explains how the site works in the video for visitors looking for therapy. Then there’s Bobby TOSP, a cute little blue bug whose job is to demonstrate our organisation in a speed format. Last, but not least is Kenneth TOSPS, this character deals with training for our registered therapists and has the gravitas expected from someone in that role! The directors of TOSPS are Geraldine Rooney and Bernadette Bruckner, two Irish born sisters who are dedicated to improving the way in which people and therapy services can unite and complement each other using the technology available both now and in the future. Their stated intent is to give both clients and service providers a no fuss, no jargon website that provides a conduit to help those in need receive immediate assistance from professional therapists and counsellors at a time, place and in a manner they choose for their own convenience.
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