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South Hams Osteopathy

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  • 07519524580
  • devon
  • Totnes
  • Other Pages: Injury and Recovery - Work and driving - Osteopathy for babies and children
  • Why choose South Hams Osteopathy? We will find the cause of your symptoms, and treat the cause as well as your symptoms. The philosophy is ‘movement is life’, and this applies not just to your joints and muscles, but also the movement of cells, tissues, organs and systems. Without free and easy movement you cannot function at our optimum capability - physiologically, or physically. You become prone to pain, discomfort, restriction, and disease. Our treatments will help you move better, letting you live a fuller and healthier life - pain free, with optimal health!
  • This business advertiser listed their business in these areas:

    back pain
    neck pain

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