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Angel Foot Care (Mobile Foot Health Practioner & Reflexologist)

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  • Foot Health Practitioner & Reflexologist. There can be many reasons for using a Qualified Foot Health Practitioner: Routine nail trimming - you may not have the flexibility, limiting your ability. to effectively take care of your own feet. It could be that your eye sight is not sufficient for accurate nail trimming. Once a nail has thickened it can be very hard to trim yourself. Maybe you experience mobility problems. Other things we can help you with, ♦ Corns ♦ Calluses ♦ Cracked Heels ♦ Ingrowing Toe Nails ♦ Fungal & Thickened Nails ♦ Athlete s Foot Or your footwear causes discomfort pain or sores. REFLEXOLOGY Benefits that may be experienced ♦ Induces deep relaxation ♦ Helps improve circulation ♦ Improves skin tone/condition ♦ Helps balance blood pressure ♦ Boosts the immune system ♦ Brings balance to all the body’s system problems Some people enjoy being pampered or time out just for themselves.
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