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Craig Scott Massage

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  • 07808777489
  • cambridgeshire
  • St Neots
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  • Craig Scott Massage. Benefits, training, pricing and me. Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage. Training, London College of Massage. Massage benefits in three ways, Physical - Body systems, Physiological - Mind & Body, Psychological - Mind. Relaxation, Relieves stress and fatigue, Improves circulation, Releases toxins and muscle tension, Raises endorphins and promotes healing, Emotionally nourishing, Aids lymphatic drainage, Reduces pain and tension; increases flexibility, Spiritually centring and nourishing, Removes blockages and improves vitality, Aids muscle growth and performance. I have been a professional dancer in London's West End Theatres for 15 years. In that time I have had many Physio and Massage sessions to help keep me on the stage or in the studio. I run my massage alongside teaching at vocational dance colleges, after an ankle injury forced me to stop performing in 2011. Having used my body to the maximum, I know how much tension and toxins the body can hold. Massage is by far the best way to relieve and release them from the body and help maintain the body at its physical peak. Pricing 1 hour Full Body. 40 30 minutes 25 Trailered to suit your needs. Fully mobile
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    Deep Tissue

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