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Flicker Tale

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  • 01749 343626
  • somerset
  • Wells
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  • Simply Marvellous! This is the feedback I have received for my services. I run a small video editing business in rural Somerset. A cottage industry really. What I am offering is really low cost video editing services aimed at You ! No hassle what so ever, no technical jargon, just a service like any other. For the cost of a haircut, you can have your vacation, party, memories edited together by me, a trained professional with 15 years of experience. Easy. So why not try ? Why not take your old tapes, memory cards or even video cameras out from your drawer and sort your films out ! I am sure you have thought about doing it for a long time. And now it can be done very easily. Have a look at my page and send me an email if you want more info or if you would like a quote ! Looking forward to hearing from You ! V
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